What is it?

Patching is a quick fix for bugs in your operating system. It's like putting on a Band-Aid. The aim is to repair the problems that inevitably pop up.

Why you need it

You need to expect problems with any program. The most popular programs are the most-patched. And third-party programs ‐‐ like from Adobe, Apple, and Google ‐‐ are the cause of most vulnerabilities.

Patching deters malware attacks and improves performance. This is especially important for HIPAA compliance.

But patching every single machine on your own blows your profitability. You need a regular patch management program to save time and money.

An intelligent solution

We patch almost anything so you remain profitable. Our management program patches Windows and more than 20 third-party applications. It's a simple, predictable approach that streamlines patching with just a few clicks.

  • Fix vulnerabilities
  • Enable new features
  • Keep systems current
  • Reboot automatically
  • Monitor patching levels
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Automate approvals
  • No hardware required onsite
  • Optimize bandwidth
  • Discover new patches
  • Roll out new patches
  • Deploy across your organization
  • Schedule flexibly
  • Patch anywhere
  • Get a customer patch score
  • Get remote updates
  • No complex infrastructure